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(Privacy Code - legislative decree 30th June 2003, No. 196 - Privacy Code)

The sending of any optional and voluntary email to the email addresses indicated on this site entails acquisition of the sender's email address, necessary for responding to requests, as well as any other data included in the email message.

The Data Controller, responsible for processing such personal data is SOCOMEC, with registered address 1 rue de Westhouse BP 60010 67235 BENFELD Cedex (France), whom users can contact to exercise their rights concerning their own personal data, for example, in order to verify its existence, content and accuracy and to request integrations, updates or deletion. No data is communicated to third parties, with the only exception coming from the need to send material requested by the customer that is supplied by third parties.


(Copyright Law - L. 22nd April 1941, No. 633 as amended by Legislative Decree 9th April 2003, No. 68 as transposition of Directive 2001/29/EEC on ‘Copyright and Related Rights in the Information Society’)

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